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LGBTQIA Affirming

At Hawthorne Tree, we know that being lesbian, gay, bi, queer or transgender is not necessarily the central reason you seek help. We are dedicated to working with members of our community and have experience and expertise in working with LGBTQIA people on issues directly and indirectly related to sexual orientation or gender. We also work with allies of people who are part of LGBTQIA communities.


Are you drinking, using drugs, or taking more and more of your prescribed medication and still feeling awful? Have you been shopping, gambling, playing video games and find that you are not available for important people in your life? We use a harm reduction approach to help individuals and the people close to them to forge a path of recovery that will work for them.

Anxiety & OCD

Do you worry a lot? Do you find that you have to do things yourself in order to have them done right? Are you having panic attacks out of the blue? Do you get stuck in thoughts or do thoughts intrude on your daily life that are upsetting or disturbing? We have experience and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention, the preferred treatment for OCD and anxiety.

Caregiving & Self Care

Do you put other people’s needs before your own? Are you caring for a sick and/or aging loved one? Do you feel alone and overburdened by the responsibility? Do you have trouble asking for help? Or, is your work primarily centered on taking care of others? We work with therapists, medical personnel and other helping professionals.

Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain

Living with a chronic illness like HIV, depression, anxiety, diabetes, cancer presents multiple challenges. These can include navigating medical systems, advocating for yourself, learning your limits and communicating them to others, and coping with medication side-effects. We can support you in finding solutions and some relief from your pain.

Couples & Relationships

Are you and your partner having a rough patch? Feeling like you just aren’t able to communicate? Are you and your partner talking about opening up your relationship? Are you polyamorous and looking for a therapist who recognizes different ways that people make relationships work? We will work with couples and other relationship constellations whether monogamous, monogamish, or polyamorous.

Grief & Loss

Are you having a hard time with the loss of a beloved friend, family member or pet? Do you feel that the people around you don’t understand or relate? Are friends encouraging you to get a new pet or to ‘move on’ in some way? Are they expressing surprise that you haven’t “gotten over” the loss of your companion? There isn’t a wrong way to grieve. Grief isn’t a linear process, it changes you. You aren’t alone. Whether your loss was recent or many years ago, we can help.

Life Transitions

Did you or your spouse recently retire? Did you just finish school? Recently divorced? Just moved to Chicago? Did you recently lose someone close to you? Are you wondering what is next for you? Life transitions cause us to looking back at our accomplishments and the things we wanted to accomplish. We can help you navigate these experiences and help you create a path that feels good to you.

Self-esteem & Self Worth

Do you sometimes feel unworthy of love and connection? Do you have a longing to be part of things, but feel you aren’t good enough? Shame is the feeling that you are wrong or broken or not good enough. We have experience helping clients find self compassion – a belief and kindness to themselves. Shame and diminished self worth can keep us silent, let us help you find your voice AND learn to use it!